Rubi & Mario

06 August

When i think about Rubi & Mario it is like a fairy tale.

In my head they dance to that day together on the field.

She looks like a princess, and he is the prince of wine. Actually he really is. Sort of.
But more to that another day.

The Ceremony was beautiful and very emotional for both of them.
My weather app warned me that in the afternoon it could be raining. Heavily.
But i thought it would be alright. Nahhh it rained sooooo much you guys i had wet socks.
But my equipment was strong.

The Party where outdoor but with tents like these you know from Harry Potter.

They had everything possible you can do for a wedding day.
Great guests, awesome music, super good food and wine.

But man, you know what? That speech Mario presented where beyond my imagination.
It was lovely, cruel -for softies like me-, heart-warming, full of joy and beautiful.

He wrote a letter to his dead grandpa about the wedding day and his excitement.

It is a memory in my head and it will always stay there with all my heart.

Thank you guys for letting me a part of this awesome day.