Nina & Felix

09 Juni

My Husband has eyes like teddy bear. I think when i fell in love with him it was to 50% because of his eyes.
I felt safe and loved.

So when you look in Ninas eyes you feel like you drifting away in another Galaxy, though.
How awesome can Eyes be?

Yeah Felix you are great too by the way .. 🙂
But Nina. She is a Jewel.

And their son.. a Cutepie.

So let me begin with the wedding day. I think my most favorite place to be is the idle of Sylt.
And then a little bit down under at the second stop there is the Harz Moutains.
Everywhere you look it looks different from the other spot before.

It is incredible. I think Mother Nature loves to live there.

Nina & Felix married not only in my second loveliest Place on Earth.
No, they married beyond that. And i mean it.

They got married over the Harz Mountains. It´s called „Baumwipfelpfad“.
It is over 20 Meters high. I don`t have a problem with highs. I thought.
I got proofed wrong.

I was up there and in a second later i looked down and that was it.
My husband was with me for the job as my assistant and looked up and saw me.

We ran together to the ceremony and made awesome shots and it was so much worth it!

I mean come on. How much can you love each other? These guys.
They are so long together and they kissed and smiled the whole time. It made my job easy and so much fun.

But see for yourself..!