Laura & Florian

30 Juni

Ahw men.. I mean, take a look. No, really. Take it. I think these two lovebirds are so such an enjoyment.
I knew Florian since a few years from now. We met when his dad was going to die.

I remember it like it was yesterday. He wrote me an E-Mail and asked me if i could take Memories for the whole Family.
I had so much respect for this request. But it was not a sad meeting. It was full filled with joy and love.

So two years later he wrote me again. To ask if i could come when he is gonna marry his girlfriend.

I knew it would be awesome again and i said yes.

I was excited for the day and it was great. His Girlfriend.. man. What should i say?

She is not only looking cute and sweet. She is also a really delight Lady, too.

Thank you guys for taking me with you to a special day, again.