Franni & Timo

01 September

I have a very good friend, Philipp. He is since 12 years in my life now.
He asked me if i would have free time in September next year, because his sister is getting marrying.

I was beyond happy to be asked that because i love his family. He has 2 sisters and wonderful parents.

After the meeting with Franni & Timo i was convinced that this wedding would be awesome
and very lovely with such a great company as bride & groom.

01 September came, and we had so much joy and laughter.
Franni you are such a beautiful lady! In- and outside.

They married in Riddagshausen, Braunschweig in the St. Mariae Cathedral.
It is a beautiful old Church.

After that we were outside in front of the Church.

And when the guests left to the Party Location, we took pictures in front of the Church.

But… See for yourself!